Thursday, May 28, 2009

Legal advice

This is, I suppose, a post about being a lawyer, and about being a Basin. I received the following email from my mother today. All spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is original and unedited:


Dear Kenny,

It came to my attention that Mr. Fitzgerald AKA John Fitzpatrick spreading rumors in open forum on website known as Face book calling me" Babushka", [Ed. Note: John Fitzpatrick is my cousin's husband. When my mother is angry or annoyed at him, she calls him John Fitzgerald. It's never been clear why this is so, it's just the way of the world, and we've all come to accept it.]
I am not a law expert, but I think I have case against him for deformation of the character and spreading rumors.
Do I look and act like Babushka? I do not think so and majority of the people will agree with me.
So please, I will need your advice and support and let me know if we have a case against him.
If we will win money, then I can cut you a 30%.

Love, you beautiful and young looking Ada .