Monday, July 28, 2008

Only time will tell

While I'm glad to have stayed safely ensconced in my panic-free boredom cocoon, the side-effect has been a growing inability to work. I went to a bonfire (with drinks) Friday night, a quinceanera-themed house party (with drinks) on Saturday night, and out to dinner last night (after spending about 2 to 3 hours working during the day). I haven't started working yet today, and while I plan to, I also plan to call it a day by 5 pm and relax the rest of the way.

I earned a lot of street cred from the '07 law school grads at the party on Saturday for showing up and staying late, but the fact, as I've told a few people already, is that my little life plan is either genius or lunacy, and I won't have any way of knowing for sure until November 21, 2008 -- the day the exam results come out.

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