Monday, July 14, 2008

I retroactively authorize this act of copyright infringement

In a Bar procrastination-induced frenzy of Google searching, I decided to re-search my own name, which I had not done for some time. I admit this freely because I know that each and every one of you does it, and so I find no shame in it.

Really, my motivation here was making sure that my reputation on the Interwebs was still relatively intact, something I can't say for some of my Harvard Law cohorts, particularly those associated with the Harvard Law Review. Reason #327,893 I'm glad I never even applied.

Anyhow, I'm fine. Most references to my name that aren't related to the geographical Ken Basin in Africa are based on (1) this blog; (2) my Daily Trojan archives; (3) my Jeopardy appearances; (4) the video Trevor and I wrote for Charles Nesson; and (5) miscellaneous hits from Facebook, Twitter, and comments on other people's blogs.

Every once in a while, I've found bits of my writing misappropriated elsewhere. U-Wire, a national wire of college newspaper stories, picked up several of my DT pieces, but they were specifically authorized to do so. Radiohead and Save Ferris fan sites reposted DT articles I wrote that made reference to each. But I've found my favorite bit of online copyright infringement yet: a blog dedicated to promoting Macau and its hotel and casino development apparently picked up my Blog post about Macau, in which I excoriate the place as a useless lo-fi Vegas wannabe. Personally, I find this hilarious, and therefore grant a post facto license for their republication of the post (they were nice enough to credit me too).

So if anyone else I've ever criticized wants to republish my criticism of them, feel free. That's something I can get behind.

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