Monday, July 28, 2008

How evil should I be?

In discussing the Bar exam with Kevin, a fellow USC (and Edison High School) alum, we got on the topic of stressed-out test-takers, and the many ways to screw with them.

We recalled, with some derision, the people in college who would be huddled in the hallway immediately before an exam, studying until the last possible second, and Kevin recounted playing mind games with them to make them even more nervous. He would bring up a topic that was only spoken about once for the entire year, but that he knew just enough about to make them uncomfortable. Or he would choose a topic that had been covered briefly in the class, but was so complicated that it was implicitly understood by all that it wouldn't be tested on, and then quiz the other students about it before the test (under the guise of being helpful in team-studying).

This, of course, inspired in me all kinds of fiendish thoughts. I could walk out the door after the morning essay session, which, perhaps, involved an establishment clause-based Con Law question, and ask a friend -- loudly, conspicuously -- "So, did you catch that [nonexistent] Equal Protection issue on the Con Law essay?" And I have no doubt that everyone in earshot, no matter how confident they may have been in their performances, would immediately freak and start going over the fact pattern in their minds, hunting desperately for the phantom Equal Protection issue they apparently botched.

There are about a million possible variations on this plan.

But is it too cruel? Certainly I wouldn't do it to friends or people I knew, they'd be in on the joke. But would this make me a bad person, or just a minor-but-amusing ass? You have about 12 hours to offer your advice if you want me to see it by Day 1.


singlefabulous said...

Please, please, please don't do this. When I took the bar there were two people sitting behind me who would rehash after every section and I wanted to turn around and strangle them with my bare hands. The bar is a nerve wracking experience enough -- let the stressed out people stress out in peace.

k said...

I believe that you deserve this small entertainment in exchange for having whored out your soul (for instructions on how to do so more efficiently while meeting business process needs, look in the dictionary under "management consultant"). B'sides, the good ones will relish with you.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with SF.

This is evil, but it's funny.

Evil can be funny, unless you are actually taking a child's lunch money or invading Poland.