Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 8: "Effective Notetaking"

"Effective Notetaking"
Ken Basin
June 19, 2008

Another adaptation from notetaking scrawl, this piece is notable for its faithful recreation of the actual text of the printed page of notes from which it was drawn. Mortgages, which my property class had never covered in law school, was a particularly painful part of my first real property problem set. By the time we reached them in lecture, I was bracing for the worst, as the hero of the drawing would suggest. But actually, this turned out to be a surprisingly painless area of Bar study. Still, I wanted to include this in the art series, if only for the painstaking effort that went into positioning each character of text under the crying man in the right place. In case you're wondering, no, mortages are not the "King of Lending O." That first word is the visible portion of "thinking." As in, the bank is thinking of lending someone money, but they want a security. Hence, the mortgage.

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