Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 7: "California Civil Procedure"

"California Civil Procedure"
Tina Rad
July 1, 2008

With "California Civil Procedure," Tina ushered us into a bold new phase in our Bar-related artistic endeavors by introducing the use of color. I think we had both flirted with this for some time; highlighters are a staple of our work, both in class and out. But it took the harrowing experience of learning about the absolutely nonsensical idiosyncrasies of California Civil Procedure -- which, of course, we will be expected to meaningfully compare and contrast with its (admittedly less insane) Federal counterpart -- to finally bring color into the equation. Sure, she could have drawn the vomit in pencil. But I think the sickly green hue of the retch really drives home the despair, don't you?

This drawing also took on special significance a week later when, after a particularly dreadful run through Wills and Trusts, our lecturer advised us to take advantage of the power of visualizing our own success. It was very comprehensive -- imagining ourselves having dinner the night before the Bar, watching a little TV after we eat, sitting on the couch and feeling kinda nervous, driving to the exam the morning of, etc. But because my subconscious had already been infected by this (and a similar drawing I made later, which involved a more tragic cradling of the head and a more colorful pool of vomit), I visualized myself eating dinner the night before the Bar...and vomiting uncontrollably. Watching a little TV on the couch after I ate, feeling nervous...and vomiting uncontrollably. Driving to the Bar exam on the morning of...while vomiting uncontrollably. I broke down in convulsive laughter in the middle of class, and for several minutes after. Thanks, Bar study, for making me look extra crazy in a room full of strangers (you know, in addition to an Internet full of strangers and loved ones).

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