Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 5: "End of a Life Estate"

"End of a Life Estate"
Ken Basin
June 17, 2008

"End of a Life Estate" is an early notetaking doodle that was adapted to index card form after our art movement began. For the non-lawyers out there, a life estate is a type of property interest that lasts as long as you're alive, and then reverts to the grantor or some third party upon your death. You can sell it, but the other person only gets to keep the property for as long as you're alive, not as long as they're alive. So basically, it's a totally useless kind of estate that only exists in Bar questions, because seriously, who is crazy enough to want one of these? And they tend to lead to Rule Against Perpetuities problems, which you might recall from Part 1 of our series. But useless as they are, they inspired me to commemorate them in stick figure form.

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