Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 4: "Flock"

Tina Rad
June 24, 2008

Another homage to Jan Honigsberg's lesson that we should be sheep, not goats, Tina's later adaptation of that advice lends itself to several possible interpretations. Consider the duality between the joyous sheep jumping over the Bar, and the dead sheep on the other side. Are the sheep passing the Bar, only to discover the painful death of law firm billable hours on the other side? Did the dead sheep actually fail to pass the Bar altogether, whereas our current jumper will actually succeed? How the hell is that one dead sheep so perfectly balanced in his vertical orientation? Tina has deliberately decided to leave it to you to answer these questions for yourself. That's the magic of art, I guess: whatever you think, you're probably right.

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