Monday, July 07, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 2: "Sheep Passing the Bar"

"Sheep Passing the Bar"
Ken Basin
June 23, 2008

As things were getting particularly rough, we all received a breath of fresh air in the form of Jan Honigsberg, BarBri's California Performance Test lecturer, and unofficial arbiter of common sense and cool. Honigsberg lecture was as much Storytime with Uncle Jan as it was a substantive lecturer, and one theme persisted: wacky stuff happens, but people still pass the Bar. Over 6 hours with Jan, we came to know all of his expressions. "Good idea?" he would ask suggestively of seemingly silly courses of action, the answer always being no. "Nobody!" he would shout, to remind us that if we didn't remotely recognize or understand something on the exam, it probably meant that nobody did. And of course, "You don't want to be a goat! You want to be a sheep!" to teach us that the key to success on the Bar was embracing enough simplicity and conformity to keep your grader in a stupor long enough for them to mark your essay as passing.

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