Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 14: "Wills and Trusts Law Is Trying to Kill Me"

"Wills and Trusts Law Is Trying to Kill Me"
Ken Basin
July 9, 2008

It's fun to watch the art progress. This is a new approach, a sort of split-screen patchwork of notebook doodles created in response to our absolutely maddening 2 days of wills and trust lectures (I still haven't decided if I'm going to try to learn to this area of law, or just write it off as something that hopefully won't appear on the exam, and if it does, try to make up the points elsewhere). But it's also a stylistic successor to Tina's take on California Civil Procedure, by introducing the use of color to convey dramatic effect. Unfortunately, the scanner didn't do justice to the yellow highlighter hue, but luckily, the conversion of the highlighter into grayscale creates an interesting effect on the Wills and Trusts Monster in Panel 1, the exclamation point in Panel 2, and the impact squiggly in Panel 3.

Also, this artistic process has been invaluable in making both Tina and me far more effective in the use of stick figures to convey comedy and emotion. Facial features are way overrated (though I kept them in Panel 1 because I found it extra tragic to have the monster cover one eye)'s all about the careful positioning of arms, sensitivity to posture, and the strategic incorporation of fingers.

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