Friday, July 18, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 13: "I Taste Like Science!"

"I Taste Like Science!"
Jon Cheng
July 2, 2008

Strictly speaking, this has very little to do with Bar. But as it is still symptomatic of the madness borne out of the Bar (and was created during a BarBri lecture), I thought it appropriate to include. As with his last venture into the field of Hertzfeldtian art, it is a stunningly faithful adaptation of the source material. Even the captioning sounds like something out of a "Rejected" deleted scene. We had some discussion about what the marks were all over the professor of scientist's body. Did he saw himself? Eventually, we concluded that those were actually just splatters from his sawing work on his companion's head. Now, I understand that there's an argument that this particular piece crosses the line to "mentally disturbed." And I don't know that I could argue strongly to the contrary. But if you were here, you'd probably understand.

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