Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 12: "WWNPHD?"

Ken Basin
June 30, 2008

This was obviously an up day. My mind was wandering as dramatically as ever, and for some reason I decided I wanted to draw a unicorn. Don't know why. Yes I'm straight. And when that was done, I felt like I should probably add a rider. After that, I figured anyone cool enough to ride a unicorn would probably be carrying a sword. And once that was added, I decided to make it pertinent by branding the unicorn with BarBri's name, and using the whole image to evoke my trail to victory. It wasn't until the whole thing was drawn that it was clear to me where the inspiration must have come from all along: Neil Patrick Harris wouldn't fear the Bar, and neither should I. The rainbow was Tina's innovation to complete the effect.

To be fair, this wasn't an entirely original artistic notion:

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