Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Part 11: "My Soul Is Dead!"

"My Soul Is Dead!"
Jon Cheng
July 2, 2008

In time, it was sort of inevitable that Tina and I would drag others into our madness. And thinking about it now, the beginning of July was an eminently appropriate time for it to happen, what with my own long-forgotten promises to myself to hold off until then to indulge the sad drawing instinct. Jon is a friend of Tina's from one of her firms last summer, and we were glad to have him in the fold. Like I had just days earlier, Jon looked to Don Hertzfeldt's little cloud men for inspiration. But my sincerest compliments to Jon, who did a far better job truly capturing them than I did -- an especially impressive feat when you consider that Tina and I had introduced him to Don Hertzfeldt for the first time just days earlier.

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