Friday, July 18, 2008

The Bar Art Series, Bonus Entry 3!

"My Life, In Drawing"
Kimanh Nguyen
July 18, 2008

It turns out consultants hate their lives too. This bonus entry, while not truly related to or even spawned from Bar study, reflects a similar mentality. It comes from a college friend of mine who works at a major consulting firm, and apparently finds herself at constant war with the very tools she relies upon to make her living. Kinda like us lawyers/Bar studiers and our brains. It is helpful to know, though, that there is at least one other class of human beings who understand our despondency, and who share our same sense of conflictedness over totally selling out. I don't count I-Bankers, they are just too gleeful about selling out.


andrea said...

Speak for yourself, hollow shell of a human!

(By the way, the trust one was awesome. Four stars.)

Ken Basin said...

That's true. You are formally exempted from this work, and are pretty much a better person than us all for it.