Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Demon Cat and the Apartment of Doom

"Demon Cat and the Apartment of Doom."

That's the name of the photo albums that Tina and I have created in documenting our newly wretched existence here. Apparently, we are not the only people with such problems. Did I mention that Tina and I are also both heinously allergic to cats (although our allergies do better when we're filled with furious rage...maybe the adrenaline in action).

Meet Lola, a.k.a. Demon Cat. See how she and I regard each other with mutual fear, disdain, and contempt.

See my way of expressing my fear, disdain, and contempt: locking Demon Cat in the fridge for a brief period of time. Don't worry, she's fine. Unfortunately.

New Blog challenge! Come up for LOLCAT caption for this. Possible starting place: "IM IN UR FRIJ......"

The brother-in-law's computer, which I so believed had to be a busted old shell, that I assumed a shredder was actually the computer instead.

Who the hell uses a trackball mouse in this day and age? I will go to Fry's and spend $4 buying them a new optical mouse. Seriously.

Yes, that's Tina's essay open in WordPad, what with the lack of Microsoft Word on either computer in the house and all. Really, how do they function in contemporary society?

The worst desktop ever. We really hoping that the Desktop Cleanup Wizard would open while we were on the computer. And then crash. If you're curious, the "awebutt011" file I referred to in the previous post is down around the black tip of the dog's tail.

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