Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ooh, he touches my tra la la

Yesterday proved to be an amazing experience, as Tina and I went down to the College, on a beautifully sunny day, to meet Günther, a.k.a. the Pleasureman, and the Sunshine Girls. Tragically, his agent cut off the flow of autographs and photographs before I could get him to pose with me and sign my empty Ding Dong box. And he didn't actually perform. And he arrived 20 minutes late. And he left 20 minutes early. And mostly repeated the same 3 sentences over and over again. Okay, so it wasn't that amazing of an experience.

But it was worth my while, because of one gem of Güntherian wisdom. Asked by his host to offer some words of advice for a crowd of "undoubtedly sexually frustrated Harvard students," he looked out over the assembled mass from his Evita-like balcony, smirked, and intoned in an allegedly Swedish accent (I'm not convinced it's real): "Champagne. Sex. Love. Respect." Having obviously conveyed all the knowledge we'd ever need, he handed back the microphone, and didn't actually say another word for the rest of his appearance.

In honor of his appearance, I give you the legendary "Ding Dong Song."

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