Tuesday, April 29, 2008

MIT students are weird

Over the weekend, I attended a student production of The Full Monty at MIT. This alone is weird enough. MIT students not only doing musical theater, but actually removing all of their clothes in front of a live audience. I would have needed some time to digest this by itself.

But as we were walking through the MIT campus toward the theater, it became immediately clear that MIT kids are way weirder that.

Why did a man build a robot body (with functional claw hand) for himself? I don't know. Why did he decide to model it around the MIT campus? I don't know. Why did he decide to assume the character of a robot creature from another planet? I don't know. But could I have passed by this without getting a picture with him? Absolutely not.


singlefabulous said...

Best. Picture. EVER!!

smc said...

Holy claw, Batman!