Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hong Kong Highlights!

September 2, 2007: Hong Kong University on local social customs and behaviors.

September 4, 2007: Hong Kong University on good email manners.

September 4, 2007: Life in an HKU dorm.

September 8, 2007: "It's like a cross between a fraternity and jail. And communism."

September 8, 2007: The one photograph that perfectly captures Lan Kwai Fong.

September 13, 2007: Intellectual property law for middle-schoolers.

September 18, 2007: In hunger, unity.

September 18, 2007: If you didn't believe me about the halls.

September 20, 2007: The Three-Week Wall.

September 23, 2007: Hurtling through the looking class: high-table dinner.

October 8, 2007: I hate clubs.

October 9, 2007: Financial security, complete insanity.

October 22, 2007: Happy birthday to me.

October 29, 2007: A tale of ten cities.

November 1, 2007: Hong Kong: more than just a polluted, overcrowded metropolis.

November 7, 2007: Definitely not hot.

November 20, 2007: No longer living a lie.

Several of these posts, and a few others, were also adapted and republished in Harvard Law School's student newspaper, the HL Record.

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