Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Testicular apocalypse

When I first introduced Uniqlo, the Japanese Gap, I made special note of their jeans sizing. At the time, I observed that their so-called "skinny jeans" "fall somewhere between tights and a paint brush and bucket of denim-colored body paint."

But when I saw them in red denim, with a tapered cut, I had to experience them myself. The faint of heart should probably avert their eyes.

I thought the green-and-red combo and huge looking feet (thank you, tapered jeans) gave me a decidedly elvish appearance (the lame Santa elves, as opposed to the awesome Lord of the Rings elves). Any attempts at captioning y'all would like to offer would be welcomed.

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anonymousgglawyer said...

You just made my day with that, along with a story I heard today about a process server going to someone's house on Halloween dressed as a ghost and the lawsuit that ensued.