Monday, October 29, 2007

Hall update!

I haven't discussed hall living in quite some time, and I thought an update was in order. In truth, there's been very little to tell. My roommate appears to have quit World of Warcraft, as I haven't seen him playing for over a month now. In this respect, he is apparently a far healthier individual than several people I know in the United States, who have been on and off the WOW recovery wagon for months. Cheers to him.

In part because of his miraculous break from addiction, he and I have now had as many as four actual conversations. We still have basically nothing to say to one another, but we both seem a bit warmer and friendlier about the silence now.

Upon my return to my residence hall from my trip to mainland China, I discovered a notice placed in the building lobby and in each of the elevators. I offer you the text of that notice, penned by the president of the Morrison Hall Students Association (who you may recall), just as I received it…without any context or explanation:

Dear Morrisonians,

I am here to apologize for the inconvenience I caused. After rational thinking and communicating with hall mates, we found that this is simply a misunderstanding. I apologize once again for those who have been affected by my action and my words.

Someone may concern the democracy of Morrison Hall will be affected by my notice. As one of the main students’ body in Morrison Hall, we do definitely defend students’ rights and power; we execute and respect the constitution and by-laws of our hall. I apologize for making any harm to the democratic system that we are all treasuring.

I would also like to say thank you for those who have shown us your strong support and those who show your deepest concerns to the incident. We are inspired and moved by your support. We promise we will continue our work and try our best to make Morrison Hall a better place.

Thank you very much.

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