Saturday, September 01, 2007

When I can capture two people in one paragraph like this, I'll be ready to quit law and just write

From (the exceedingly entertaining) Down and Dirty Pictures by Peter Biskind:

"[Movie producer Saul] Zaentz was a man of strong opinions who saw the world in black and white. As he once put it, 'My friends are my friends, and my enemies are my enemies.' One of his friends was [The English Patient director] Anthony Minghella. A short, squarish man who wears his head shaved and his eyes shaded by dark glasses, Minghella was born of Italian parents, and grew up on the Isle of Wight. Despite his British accent, he has a whiff of indeterminate ethnicity about him - he could be from anywhere but England - and after September 11 he couldn't walk ten feet through an airport without being stopped and searched. Minghella is a cultivated man, a gifted conversationalist with a passion for music and poetry, cosmopolitan in the best sense of the word. Although Zaentz is pugnacious and Minghella rather more ingratiating, the two men had much in common. Like Zaentz, Minghella was a charmer, an animated dinner companion who spun spellbinding stories. Each saw himself half reflected in the other."

And this is non-fiction.

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