Friday, September 21, 2007

Strategic alliance!

Thanks to the keen editorial eye of HL Record Editor-in-Chief Andrea Saenz - proprietor of the famous Peanut Butter Burrito, and still the only person who I have ever been introduced to via mutual blog readership - excerpts from the recently-named Begging the Question will now be published as a weekly column in the HL Record (which is available online, but so is this, so big deal). Given how much I've been writing since getting here, the only way this changes my life is that now I'm getting paid to do it. Absurd.

This marks my triumphant return to university journalism publication, after my 3-year stint as Assistant City Editor, Opinions Writer, Music Columnist, Lifestyle Columnist, and general Office Bitch at the Daily Trojan. I think my mom has still saved a clipping from every article I ever ran there.

The HL Record, of course, is famous for publishing the several thousand-word long manifesto "How I Was Niggerized at LaGuardia." I'll introduce it to you as it was introduced to me by a friend: the author "starts by mentioning Rosa Parks and, several thousand words later, concludes a stirring tale of how a family with kids got on a plane before him and he went batshit insane. Worth a Google. Amazing." My favorite line in the piece, hard as it is to choose: "The family was moving very slowly, but I waited for them because I am polite and nice, and because I prefer to avoid confrontations." I would make a comment about how the article is grandiose, overwrought, self-indulgent, and hyperracializing, or maybe note ironically that the writer's allies in the civil rights movement would surely be moved by his struggles in boarding his first-class flight, but I would probably be branded a racist oppressor. Oh wait...oops.

In recognition of this strategic alliance, I have updated the official blog photo to better reflect my Hong Kong existence, although in that particular respect, I suppose it's not much different from my Cambridge experience. I can now tell you with full confidence that the little gray line under "Your Host" is 213 pixels long, as I spent several minutes meticulously resizing the photo to match it perfectly. This hideous, almost crippling expression of neurosis was needed, because earlier today I broke with custom by putting cash into my wallet without ensuring that all bills were oriented in the same direction. I still made sure that the bills were arranged in order by value, with bigger bills in back, because if I didn't do that, I'm pretty certain a meteor would crash into the earth and destroy us all, and I don't want to be responsible for that.

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