Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some of my favorite pictures of Hong Kong so far

Hong Kong by day, as seen from Hong Kong Park on the Island. I think this picture nicely conveys the contrast between a lot of the natural, almost jungle-like portions of the city, and their interplay with the incredibly modern urban elements.

Hong Kong by night, as seen from Avenue of Stars on Kowloon. Every night, the skyline on Hong Kong Island lights up in a coordinated laser light and sound show. Sometimes there are fireworks too. It's somewhat impressive in its scope and coordination, but it's sort of strange to me that it's something they do every single night.

Hong Kong 10 years in the future, when a giant mutated baby with napalm flatulence destroys the city once and for all. Alternatively, an amusing advertisement on the side of a building in Mong Kok.

I still haven't gone up to the Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, which is universally acknowledged to offer the most impressive views of the city, day or night. I'm waiting for a clear day and will post pictures when they come.

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APD said...

Ken, I am stealing these pictures. Don't sue me for copyright infringement if I post them on facebook....