Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Life as a follower

Normally, when I'm outside the United States, I'm a, or the, de facto leader of whatever company I travel in. This is the inevitable result of having (1) travel experience, and (2) the capacity to read a map.

But all of a sudden, I find myself traveling with other experienced travelers, all of whom can competently read a map. Marie is mistress of the guidebooks and always has an incredibly strong idea of what she wants to do. Britt is the Hong Kong veteran with knowledge of the streets (and several other exchange students I hang out with range in Hong Kong experience from "well acquainted" to "hot shot insider"). I'm still capable of leading the group...I just no longer have to, and more often than not, I don't. At our best, we are a leaderless society of equals, a socialist ideal. So here I am, stuck without my usual travel identity. Who am I now and what am I to do?

Guess I'll have to settle for being the pretty one. Le sigh.

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