Sunday, September 09, 2007

I am the best/worst son ever

Yesterday, as I was walking into town to meet with up with Marie for some supply shopping, I figured I'd take the 15-minute walk as an opportunity to be a good son and call the parents. I hadn't spoken to them in a few days, the time was right, and I was sure they'd appreciate it. So I called, and it just so happened that I caught them at my dad's retirement party. He had coworkers there who he hadn't seen in 15 years or more, had a beautifully extravagant affair with food and an open bar, and, I found out later, actually got drunk (this never happens). Even my mom apparently went on to have 4 martinis. But I got lucky in catching them at that time, managed to offer my congratulations again, and felt pretty good about myself as a son.

Until today, when I talked to my mom on the phone again, and she thanked me for the birthday card I had signed and left for her before I came to Hong Kong. It was only then that I realized that, the "few days" I had not spoken to my parents included my mom's birthday.

Damn it.

Sorry, mom! In the third medium now, really really sorry!

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