Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Great, good, bad, worse, worst

Great: I have new purple and yellow Pumas. Awesome!

Good: On behalf of Babyccino and the Hot Perfections, I'm proud to announce that we've decided on 3 more new songs for the album. Keep your eyes out for new tracks called Human Performance, Sweet Sweet Public Enjoyment, and what will certainly become one of the many hit singles on the record, Home of Swallows. Rocking!

Bad: Woke up the morning wicked hungover, without the benefit of having been that drunk last night. Honestly, I'm so dehydrated here 100% of the time, it's a wonder I don't wake up hungover everyday regardless. Headachy!

Worse: Of all the mosquito bites I got the other day in Stanley, guess which one has decided to become slightly infected? That's right, the one I got while I was killing the mosquito. I hate being proven wrong. Blistery!

Worst: I just used the word "wicked" unironically, and it was really the first adjective that came to mind. I must be punished. Bostonian!

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