Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Debut album to be released on Hong Kong Records

Went wandering through Stanley today, a village/tourist zone on the south shore of Hong Kong Island. In the mix were myself, Aaron from Harvard Law (left), Marie from USC Law (second from left), and Britt from UT-Austin Law (right). Because we are extremely awesome, we have an imaginary band. We are Babyccino and the Hot Perfections, and our debut album Suitable to the Ladies will be available soon. Just think of us as Canto-pop meets Japanese goth-glam-rock. In addition to the title track, the album features the hot single, "I (Really) Want Buns." We're not really sure what else is on there yet, but we're working it out. We're also going to have a live album coming out soon called Babyccino and the Hot Perfections Do Macao. For reasons that have nothing to do with my singing ability (or lack thereof), I am the frontman.

A little context. One of the student lounges on campus, the Global Lounge, features a HK$5 (about 65 cents to you Americans) "Babyccino" on its kids menu, apparently assuming that young children should be drinking cappuccinos, just in really small portions. I couldn't agree more. On that same menu, the hot drinks are listed under the heading "Hot Perfections." I purchased a Babyccino (with student discount, just HK$3.50, or 45 cents), and so the legend of Babyccino and the Hot Perfections was born, with me in the frontman role. "Suitable to the Ladies" comes from the description on the coffee bar menu of a low-carb latte drink, and "I Really Want Buns" is just a choice quote from a hungry Marie as we passed a bakery today. The live album? Once the weather cools down a bit, we're planning to storm Macao in tailored suits/cocktail dresses, by helicopter (just US $200 for a trip for 4!).

I can't decide which nickname I've acquired so far I like better, Babyccino or Ken Harvard. Aaron's done equally well, as his cavernous one-bedroom apartment, which separates him from all those with studios or residence hall rooms, has earned him the name Aaron Mansion. We have some pretty sweet rockstar names. Hell, Britt's name is cool enough for a rockstar on its own, no embellishment necessary. We're working on Marie's.

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