Friday, September 21, 2007

Climbing the Wall

Yesterday, I posted about the Three-Week Wall, and hitting it at full speed. Immediately upon clicking the "Publish Post" button, I got tired of the feeling and resolved, I am going to will myself into happiness.

I listened to music that makes me happy.

I put on clothes that make me happy.

I went out determined to be happy.

And ever since then, I have been sublimely, deliriously happy. Jubilant would not be an exaggeration.

While I was at it, I solved all of my travel-related problems. I realized that the problem wasn't that I was being overly self-indulgent, it was that I was being overly self-indulgent in all the wrong ways. So I traded in my mopey attitude for some unilateral decision-making. I realized that I actually know someone who lives Phnom Penh, and it would be downright moronic not to take advantage of that. I picked a simple itinerary that makes me happy, and said that anyone who wanted to come along was welcome. Unsurprisingly, everyone immediately jumped on board. Tickets are bought.

The feeling has carried over into today, mild alcohol-related dehydration be damned (more on that later). I realized, this is like the greatest superpower in the world. I must hone this, develop it. Did I have this power all along? To look at myself, point, and intone in a stern, fatherly voice, be happy, and to obey? Unfortunately, I don't think it would work for everything. Let's see...

Do the work you're supposed to do instead of staying up late and blogging.


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