Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Amusing Hong Kong photos

Sure, there are plenty of normal pictures of me, and my friends, and the scenic...er...sights...of Asia. But I prefer to share with you the macabre and the bizarre.

The 88-story IFC tower at a 45-degree angle. I must have spent at least two full minutes rotating this picture in a circle in Picasa. I settled on this perspective for its strangely disconcerting effect.

Oh, the glory of Wan Chai. On a street full of girly bars, Cockeye has got be the best-named of them all. And look how many taxis are lined up outside!

It's the Asian William Shatner. God help us all.

Breaking news from the South China Morning Post.

Still-living sea creatures that have been grown inside of water bottles, because a short and ignominious life of confinement will apparently make them tastier when I eat them.

After a series of ugly contractual disputes, ABC was forced to replace the entire cast of Lost for season 4 with the Fall 2007 exchange class of the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law.

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