Monday, August 13, 2007

Hopefully not a golden ratio of divorces

This month, I was a groomsman in a wedding for the first time (not counting my stint as a ring bearer). The weekend itself was great. I got to catch up with really close friends from college that I hadn't seen in too long, dance like a fool at the reception (and into the hearts of some of the guests, I like to think), and have the easiest groomsman job ever: the groom had all of one butterfly the whole weekend, and it passed quickly.

But it represents the opening of a bizarre new chapter in my life. People are getting married. People I know are getting married. People I know well enough to be invited to be in their wedding are getting married. The was the one this month, my sister's in November, at least one that I know about next year. They're multiplying. As Tina shrieked in horror when she realized that she was in one wedding last year, one this year, and will be in two next year, "It's like a Fibonacci Sequence of weddings!"

As for me, I am contractually bound not to marry for at least 5 more years or so. There is, in fact, a signed piece of paper in my mother's safe which purports to require me not to marry before age 27 or 28 at the earliest. Having attended law school, I'm now fairly certain that I could have the contract voided for want of consideration. Or because I was a minor when I signed it. Or because specific performance of such an agreement would be unjust. But I like the symbolic significance of it.

The fact is, I am a nerd. Big surprise, I know. Let me give you a moment to digest it. Okay, you're good.

So yes, I am a nerd. And while I dare say I am not unattractive, I am far too Jewish to be conventionally handsome. I spent my entire awkward adolescence being told that guys like me would be a great catch someday. As I enter my last year of law school, and look ahead to a day when I do not live in Boston and am not surrounded by law students all the time damn time, I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe, I am finally approaching "someday."

But that's just me. Congratulations, Jim. It really was a great wedding.

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