Thursday, July 05, 2007

"Think somewhat similarly"

As an Apple afficionado, I'm usually looking for good news to report about the company. But when they do wrong, I have to call them out on it as I would anyone else. Even more so, in fact! I expect better of them!

So you can imagine my sense of disappointment when I discovered that Apple's advertising modus operandi is basically "steal, steal, steal." The side-by-side of the Apple-Intel commercial and Postal Service music video is especially potent. And this nugget:
Seems a little odd for the company whose mainstay customer is the creative professional, and whose most enduring ad campaign compels us to Think Different.

I'm generally forgiving of these things. I consider similarity in arenas like this to be inevitable. But seeing it all side-by-side just makes it look egregious. Poor form, Steve. Poor form.


Levintropy said...

Take your complaints to Chiat-Day, not Apple.

naebles said...

That's why I will never marry Steve Jobs, no matter how perfect our hyphenated last names would be.