Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I guess this means Colin Powell is the angel on the other shoulder? Oh wait, he was exiled from this administration long ago...

One of my friends once had a quote in his AIM profile which recounted a conversation between him and a mutual friend who happens to be Hispanic. The Hispanic friend, having been informed of our hero's terrible workload for the week, encourages him to ignore all that and come over to play some Halo instead. Our hero, aware of his friend's potentially destructive influence, laughs, "You're like a tiny Latin devil on my shoulder! 'No, don't do work, come play weeth me!'"

If ever there was truly a Latin devil on any shoulder, that would have to be Alberto Gonzalez.

When we last saw him, of course, he was receiving the warmest possible welcome from his alma mater (account of that incident care of Peanut Butter Burrito...and yes, I do know the guy in the hood personally).

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