Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hooray for the trivialization of the American political process

Not only do I cringe at the notion that there is such a thing as an "Obama girl vs. Giuliani girl" video that is considered remotely relevant in the political discourse surrounding next year's election, I can't help but groan a little to see that CNN considers it worthy of reporting.

As CNN reports, one of the video's creators does anticipate my griping, telling an interviewer, “I don’t think it’s trivial any more than the ‘Daily Show’ or ‘Saturday Night Live.’” To me, this demonstrates a clear lack of understanding about how satire and parody actually work. Unless this "Obama girl vs. Giuliani girl" video is meant to satirize the trivialization of the political process, it is the trivialization of the political process. Frankly, I don't look at the video and think that its creators are so clever that they're making some kind of meta-statement. They think they're making a joke, but they're the butt.

I feel like only a unique election like this one -- one populated with so many candidates, no one of whom isn't glariningly deficient in one way or another -- could produce this. At least it ends with an admonition to the viewer to learn more about politics. As if that will stick.

But what the hell? Decide for yourself:

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