Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well I already knew I was a loudmouth, but...

Sometimes I really hate the opinion that people apparently have about me. I guess it's not specifically negative, but everybody seems to pretty quickly come to associate me with being totally loud. Totally talkative, totally loud, whatever. So if ever a day like today comes along and I'm not as conspicuously loud in every conversation, people immediately assume something is wrong. I had no less than 3 people ask me today if everything was alright, and at least 1 more corroborate that something seemed wrong when I incredulously asked, "Nothing. Does something really seem wrong?"


This is certainly not the first time this has happened, and it's frustrating. As much crap as people give me for the volume of my voice and my active participation in conversation, they should just be glad when things go the other way.

There are days when I am consciously trying to be quieter and lower-key. There are days when I'm not specifically planning it but it just works out that way (like today). It doesn't mean something is wrong. It is actually insulting to me that people think otherwise. Guh.

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