Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Weekend observations

This weekend (I'm including Monday for convenience's sake) including a few summer highlights.

- On Friday, a trip to the bar started with buying pants at a laundromat. Trevor has the full story (in large part because we decided that his role in the affair entitled him to blogging rights).

- On Saturday, went to see the Police at Dodger Stadium. The concert was...it's clear these guys don't like each other. Andy seemed to be counting the seconds until he was free to leave. Stewart seemed intermittently disinterested in what was going on, though when he actually cared, he seemed to do great. Sting seemed totally oblivious to the fact that he was sharing the stage with 2 other guys, except when he introduced them. Twice. When Sting tried to make a joke, Andy -- totally deadpan, totally humorless -- called him out for reusing the joke that he had used in a show earlier that week.

Sometimes the show was tight, as with the opening number, "Message in a Bottle." Other times, it sounded like the band hadn't rehearsed since the Synchronicity tour, as with "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic," in which I'm pretty sure that Sting was playing in the wrong key. Andy Summers was totally replaceable. Someone called him "a poor man's Edge," but it's more like a homeless and penniless man's Edge. I was actually hoping that Dave Grohl would come out and replace him (Foo Fighters opened, and did a much better job). The live show really brought out the reggae influences in the band's music, which I enjoyed. But the band was trying to do these jam band-style interludes without realizing that they are not a jam band. So instead, the interludes all sounded exactly the same from song to song.

Unsurprisingly, the crowd was pretty anemic. The band didn't do much to incite the stadium audience's passions, and the setting didn't really lend itself maximally to audience participation. Sting tried to do the whole sing-back thing, but did so much reggae/yodeling stuff that the crowd was a bit lost in trying to follow along. He'd try to clap to get the crowd to clap along, but that doesn't work well in a stadium...the setting is large enough that there is a perceptible differential between sight from the video screen and sound from the speakers, thanks to the difference in speed of light vs. speed of sound. So people are trying to cue their clapping to what they see, but it doesn't totally jive with what they hear. Kind of a mess.

Of course, none of this was as irritating as the 1.25 hours it took to get out of the Dodger Stadium parking lot. With all the feats of civil engineering in the world, somebody's got to devise a better way.

- Comic interlude: getting home after the concert, going to ESPN.com, and having ESPN Motion turn on so loud that it sets off a car alarm on the street. Oops.

- Firm hike on Sunday at a partner's house in Topanga Canyon. I love this whole concept. They take you to an uber-rich partner's house for a social event, where the obvious subtext is, "Join our firm, and maybe some day you'll be so rich that you'll have a house this big with this many absurd luxuries." 10,000 square feet...no joke, that was the size. And a bunch of land. And horses. And baby horses. It's hard not to be swayed by it all...I'll let it slide a bit because I legitimately had a good time.

The best part, though, had to be just driving there. Up the coast, via Pacific Coast Highway, to Malibu, and then through the Santa Monica Mountains into Topanga Canyon. Perfect convertible weather. I love my car.

- Monday night, went to dinner at Providence with Pam. Everyone in a while, I feel like I did something really right with law school. Like joining the Drama Society. I was about 5 minutes away from skipping out on my Parody audition altogether, until Pam browbeat me over Google Chat into actually showing up. If I didn't, I can't imagine what my law school experience would look like from here on out. And dinner was lovely in all respects. With Trevor and Pam both visiting over this (loosely-defined) weekend, it's a nice reminder that, even at a place filled with unrepentant tools like HLS, I have managed to find some quality individuals to keep me sane for these 3 years of frozen wintry hellscape.

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