Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Official language of the University of Hong Kong

In dealing with the University of Hong Kong while setting up my study abroad program, I've sometimes been struck by just how deficient some of the administrators' English is. Considering that English remains one of Hong Kong's official languages and is still broadly used in official business, and that it is the sole official language of the university itself, I'd expect better than this:

"Dear Applicants,

With reference to your application for a postgradaute residence in Morrison Hall for the year 2007-2008, I on behalf of our Admission Advisory Committee would like to inform you that it is unsuccessful. Thank you for your interest in Morrison Hall."

At least the last sentence was pretty clear and straightforward. Of course, I shouldn't complain too much. If I tried writing an email in Cantonese, it would probably look something like this:


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