Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My disappointing exchange with a celebrity

Me (exiting an elevator): Have a good day.

Oscar de la Hoya: Yeah, you too, thanks.

Aaaaaaaand scene.

Well what was I supposed to say? I don't follow boxing. "Too bad about that Mayweather fight. Good luck finding something as profitable as the Foreman Grill to sell!"

This brings the celebrity sightings list for the summer to four. Also on that list: Jennifer Garner (outside Orso in Beverly Hills at lunch), John Cusack (in front of the premiere of 1408 in Westwood), and Bono (in the bathroom of the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas).

Edit: Apparently there's a Bono look-alike who works at the New York New York? I suspect I may have been duped. He was good, though. I was trying to avoid looking too hard, since it was a bathroom and all, but he was good.

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CM said...

A Kenny G impersonator winked at me in a casino once.