Tuesday, June 12, 2007


There are a number of things I really enjoy about this article about the hot new drug sensation that's sweeping the nation (kinda like the Beatles, except it gets you high and kills you).

- I deeply enjoy this blurb from the summary: "Authorities say there have been 21 'cheese' deaths in the Dallas area since 2005."

- A choice passage from the article. I think if you're going to reach America's youth in this day and age, you need to come up with wittier retorts. Saying the detective "shot back" with that quote is a bit generous:

"These are street dealers, dope dealers," Moncibais recently warned students at Sam Tasby Middle School. "They give you a lethal dose. What do they care?"

Moncibais then asked how many students knew a "cheese" user. Just about everyone in the auditorium raised a hand. At one point, when he mentioned that the United States has the highest rate of drug users in the world, the middle schoolers cheered. (Watch middle schoolers raise hands, admit they know drug users)

"You know, I know being No. 1 is important, but being the No. 1 dopeheads in the world, I don't know whether [that] bears applause," Moncibais shot back.

- You know, I wonder about the effectiveness of this officer as an anti-drug advocate. People wonder why kids who are exposed to DARE are more likely to drugs than kids who aren't? Maybe it's because the best DARE has to offer is apparently gems like this. It's very...descriptive...
"A double whammy -- you're getting two downers at once," says Dallas police detective Monty Moncibais. "If you take the body and you start slowing everything down, everything inside your body, eventually you're going to slow down the heart until it stops and, when it stops, you're dead."
I have fairly strong feelings about American drug policy and the myriad things that are wrong with it. Another day, another post, I think.

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