Saturday, June 02, 2007

I am not infallible

So I screwed up at work today pretty stupidly. It was basically the first time, between this summer and last, that I did something wrong, and that a partner wasn't pleased with my work. Essentially, I was supposed to adapt some forms for a client, and I was just super careless, left stuff out, didn't fix some language for consistency...nothing disastrous, but several little things that made it look like a mess. There was no real reason, I was just super out of it all of those days when you look at writing on a page and you don't even see words, you just see black ink on white page.

I felt bad about this, and the partner who assigned me the work was noticeably annoyed when I talked to him/her on the phone (maintaining gender anonymity, thank you very much, Mr. Interweb). When I apologized for the slip-ups, I didn't get a "that's okay" or anything of the sort, just a beat of silence, and then an "okay, thanks, bye."

I felt very whipped puppy about it is becoming like school to me. What I lack in athletic, artistic, and all other forms of prowess, I try to make up for by being good at nerdy things like school and work. So I tried to redeem myself the only way I knew how. I wrote an email.
Hi [Assigning Partner],

I just want to apologize one more time for the careless oversights in the documents I sent you for the [Client] waiver and release. I can only say that it's very out of character for the level of detail and care I normally bring to my work, and there's no excuse. If at some point over the next week (while I'm in this rotation) you have another assignment that you think would be appropriate for a summer associate, I'd appreciate the opportunity to make it up to you and to provide you with work that's of the quality that I expect to produce.

I know the partner got it because the send/receive at our office is instantaneous and he/she CC'd me on an unrelated email about 40 seconds later. But after that, no response, nothing. At this point, I feel that I've regained some moral superiority. On the one hand, I still feel bad that I fucked up an assignment and had to have a partner clean up after me. But on the other hand, I think some response -- even a typically lawyerish semi-rude brusque single-line response -- was in order. Even if it was just an, "Okay, thanks" with no intention to follow-up. Bah.

Strike 1 on 2L Summer Employer #1.

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