Friday, May 04, 2007

This is what madness sounds like

The following exchange took place in Langdell Library, via e-mail, from 12:44 am to 12:50 am on Saturday, May 5 (so, late night of Friday, May 4).

Ken (12:44 am): I see you. Hi. (Study-induced cabin fever).

Dan (12:45 am): Creepy. Where you at?

Ken (12:46 am): Table to your left.

Dan (12:48 am): Ah. Backwards hat and headphones. It's like a disguise.

Ken (12:49 am): Modern ninja.

Dan (12:50 am): Totally. P.S. I think I'm starting to lose it. As soon as I finish justifications and excuses for Crim I have to bail.

As if I needed a demonstration of why one shouldn't be in the library at 1 am on a Friday night. This is how I pay for my slacker semester.

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