Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Roker isn't funny, he is a racist"

In light of all the discussion there's been in about Don Imus, here at HLS and generally, I thought it would be worth posting this letter sent by my friend's father to NBC in response to a joke Al Roker made on the Today Show:

From: Ken's Friend's Dad
Date: May 2, 2007 9:14:14 AM PDT
Subject: Roker isn't funny, he is a racist

Dear Today,

Al Roker made a comment today on your show that I believe qualifies as a racist and heartless attack. He spoke of the people of Bhutan all sleeping on the traditional Japanese mattress called a futon. The people of Bhutan are not Japanese. Neither are they Chinese. Rather, they are the last remaining Asian monarchy that devoutly reveres and protects the Tibetan buddhist religion and culture from annihilation at the hands of the Chinese. Bhutan is free and closely allied to India. One can only hope it does not fall to Chinese domination and ethnic cleansing which will eradicate Tibetan buddhism and culture forever. Mr. Roker, who has always considered himself humorous (except for exposing us to his grotesque rich-man's solution to obesity in such detail), has recently expressed his personal opinion on the Today show that Don Imus should be fired for his racist and sexist attempt at a joke. I strongly urge you to consider the feelings of those of us of Asian ancestry who are ridiculed incessantly about all of us looking alike and adopting habits of completely different Asian nations. The cultures and habits of the Chinese, Bhutanians, Tibetans, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese et. al., people, are as distinct from one another as American caucasians and so-called African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Shia-Americans from Iran, Sunni Americans from Iraq et. al. If Mr. Roker can use the Today show as a platform to ridicule other races, then certainly Don Imus has that freedom as well. Conversely, if Don Imus was fired for a disgusting racial joke, Mr. Roker should also be terminated for his racist little rhyme that many of find just as disgusting.


hal rooker said...

Al blows boat people.

Dolores Bertrand said...


Dave Laughlin said...

Big Al made an even more racist comment when a part-time police officer named Suleman won a $1 million dollar lottery, Al thought it was humorous to say Suleman was going to rush out and buy a convenience store. Stereotyping South Asians not very funny but somehow NBC didn't think it was racist as he still has his job. I guess its okay to be racist if you are black and liberal.