Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Coastal elites

When I was in New York last summer, I came up with my most simplified statement of the difference between L.A. and New York: when you go out in L.A., you talk about music and movies/TV, and when you go out in New York, you talk about books and food.

I'm super glad to be back in L.A. this summer, I feel no hesitation whatsoever about coming back here after graduation, but I miss talking about books and food. Working back east as a summer associate, yeah, the extravagant lunches are about being spoiled, but they were also about going to lots of great restaurants and comparing them and getting these dining experiences. People just don't seem to give a damn here. In the middle of a conversation about food at a summer lunch, I told the people at the table about my last week in New York, when I blew $450 on myself alone over the course of 3 dinners (with wine). Yes, that was hideously extravagant, and it's okay to react with some surprise, but every person looked at me completely incredulously. Like, having two heads-style. That whole scene -- the food, the wine, the culture of it -- just isn't a factor here. I need an L.A. dining buddy. Preferably someone who'll care about what I'm reading now that I actually have the free time to do so, too.

I just hate that it seems like it's always one or the other. In New York I was a shallow west coast pop culture whore, and now I'm here and I'm a pretentious east coast-inflected snob. Can't I discuss trashy reality shows over a bottle of expensive dessert wine or port?

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Candide said...

Hahaha... I would, and I enjoy all the finest dining, as I've adopted it as a hobby these past few months, but I'm traveling this summer! =( Maybe in-between trips. =) *muah*