Sunday, April 08, 2007

So maybe it's not Faulkner but it'll have to do

I've long had this romanticized notion that I could totally produce great creative work if I could just get myself into the perfect setting. In my mind, that setting involves a typewriter, a glass of scotch, a cigarette, and candles. Unsurprisingly, I have never succeeded in getting all of these elements into place at once, and I'm sure that even if I did, my usual crippling dissatisfaction with everything I produce would eventually come into play.

Nevertheless, the last week or so, I've at least tried to adapt the concept to maximize the productivity of my 11 pm - 3 am block, already my most successful time of day for actually getting things done. I've taken to doing my work with the lamp off, by candlelight (well, candles and the light from the computer screen). It's actually been somewhat successful. I'm either getting more work done, or I'm feeling like I'm getting more work done, and honestly, I don't much care which it is.

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