Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Procrastinating at enjoyable things

So I totally intend to put up a travelogue for my Spring Break trips. I have little notes taken on things from various days, and I've actually written out a couple of the days, but I want to post them all chronologically, and I've been writing them out of order. They're more for my benefit than anyone else's, to tell the truth, but there should at least be some amusing pictures embedded.

This wouldn't be the first time I've posted travel experiences on the interweb, but I'm hoping this will be the least disastrous time. One of the advantages (I guess) of having gone through so many distinct blogging phases is that I have collected a vast library of experience on things that I have done poorly, stupidly, or downright catastrophically in the past. Here are some past mistakes I hope not to repeat, arranged in a convenient collection of -ities.

- Verbosity: You mean I have a problem with this? Shut up. I mean, seriously, be quiet. Do not sit here intimating that I sometimes use 10 words when 1 word would do. Really, I will keep going on about this...
- Specificity: So when I was in England, I updated my blog daily, and announced defiantly that I was keeping it for my own memories, and that it would be 100% open and specific and explicit, and if people didn't like it they could just not read it. Yeah, that had a real chance of working. The end result is that I actively pissed people off by not adhering to the "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all" model. Or I would say something nice about them, but I'd also say something mean about them. Whatever. The point is, I will only be mocking and complaining about anonymous strangers. Anyone I know personally will be described neutrally-to-positively. I really don't need to have another night where I go to a bar and have to figure out that the reason why one of my friends doesn't want to talk to me is because I said something mean about one of her friends in my blog the night before.
- Emotionality: A certain level of candor is necessary. Earnestness is a respectable thing. Writing things that make you sound like an emo teenager 3 years later -- because you were basically an emo teenager at the time -- is nothing to be proud of. Thank god for the post locking feature on LiveJournal. I guess this part is an advantage of writing all these posts a week after the fact.
- Totality: I don't need to write about everything even if it's boring or pointless. Even my records don't need to be that complete.

Keep an eye out for travelogue posts over the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll get them done before I leave for Germany next week and, you know, have more traveloguing to do.

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