Sunday, April 08, 2007

Must be creative about my own creativity

I'm constantly tempted to try to use the blog format as a convenient forum to indulge my lingering desire to write creative fiction in nice, easily-manageable little blocks, but I think the market is pretty much cornered on ways to do it about the legal industry in any remotely original fashion. Anonymous Lawyer, of course, sets the standard. The thought had crossed my mind to use my extra time this summer, as well as my extra source of inspiration, to do an AL-style concept for being a summer associate. But it seems that BabyBarista has largely filled that role as well, at least from an English perspective. And while I suppose that the American version, for all its wining-and-dining, would have something extra to offer, between AL and BB, would I really be bringing anything new to the table? I doubt it.

Then again, the advantage of going for a legal theme is that you just have someone forward the link to AutoAdmit or Above the Law or any of the millions of other sites dedicated to our ridiculous, insular little industry, and bam, built-in audience. And I've already discussed my stance on the joys of having an audience.

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