Sunday, April 08, 2007

Maybe I don't hate the law after all

Went to dinner today with Simon, the Climenko Fellow I work for in BSA, and Sheila and John, my fellow BSAs (for non-law students, that's the program I work as a TA for in the 1L legal research and writing classes). Over dinner, we talked about a wide variety of things, personal stories, news items, whatever came up. A fair amount of the conversation was dedicated to various legal topics, and get this: I didn't want to shoot myself in the head! The revelation of this feeling (or lack thereof) was like every summer break or long flight I take, when I crack open a book and rediscover that I don't actually hate reading, I like reading and I just hate school. I think this dinner revealed very much the same thing. Some of our talking points were the kind of thing you might hear in a really interesting class where everyone is very intellectually involved. The moral of the story is, I don't actually hate the law, I like the law and I just hate school. On some level I probably knew that.

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