Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Inside Ken's dreams

Last night, I returned from my Spring Break trip (more on that forthcoming). My first dream upon my return to the United States included quite the motley crüe: Mrs. C (one of my teachers from high school), an anonymous high school student I didn't recognize, my Aunt Lena (who I see about twice a year, last in December), and Andrew (yes, you, Estes).

From what I can recall, Mrs. C was teaching anonymous high school student about trademark law, and I'd chime in a bit with information about the likelihood of confusion standard. The student got frustrated and started saying he was going to fudge empirical data for his paper, and my Aunt Lena kept chastising him that it would be a waste of all the work he'd already done collecting legitimate data. Then Andrew arrived with a digital camera to take some pictures of everyone, and he and I were looking at taken pictures when we dropped it and somehow jarred the lens and distorted the viewing screen. We then fumbled around with the camera and tried to fix it, unsuccessfully. Then I woke up.

My interpretation of this dream: my body has been completely and irreversibly poisoned by alcohol and must be destroyed. But the only way I know to do that is with more alcohol.

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AEstes said...

See, and I thought you were just being creepy when you kept saying "Get out of my dreams and into my car."