Sunday, April 22, 2007

Important developments

Had a long gap time from the last post, but perhaps this is the most important development of all. Normally, as soon as I stop updating the journal for a week, I'm done for a year. I'm a big kid now. I can take week breaks.

So what are the big news stories? Well there's TNC (it's dynamite!). Hopefully somebody gets the AC/DC reference. But actually, TNC is The Negotiation Challenge, which was my excuse for putting off starting my papers/learning corporations law for another week or so, and go to Leipzig, Germany instead. While there, I succeeded in all of my primary goals: going to Germany, drinking considerable volumes of German beer, not doing schoolwork. You will note that "winning Negotiation competition" was not among those goals, and we didn't bother tacking it on while there (though the other Harvard team did...congrats to the awkwardly-named Leipnitzians).

Perhaps even more important has been the arrival of sun in Boston since my return. Sister Mila is in town, and evidently she brought it in her carry-on (I wouldn't think she'd be allowed to travel with it, since it's got to be more than 3 oz. worth of liquid). We had up to around 75 yesterday, 65 today, and -- dare I dream? -- over 80 tomorrow. I have taken advantage of this fact to play volleyball, do the swan boats with Mila in Boston Common's Public Garden, and generally wander the city. Much to my amazement, I have not hated Boston, and actually liked it. There I said it.

I've always acknowledged my Seasonal Affective (Dis)order (props to Trevor for pointing out the Order/Disorder distinction, but I think the SAD acronym is too appropriate to let go of). But now I think that it may play an even larger role than I ever realized in my distaste for this place. Boston itself seems to be fine. But I'm still allowed to hate winter, Boston winter, Massachusetts generally, Boston values, Boston accents, the word "wicked," Bostonians, and the Boston Red Sox. None of those have done anything to redeem themselves with me.

And in the category of little things that bring happiness and fulfillment to an otherwise meaningless and lawyerly world: today, while meeting Tina to walk down to the Square for the HLS Drama Society Banquet, her phone call was timed perfectly so that I exited my building and met her at the sidewalk just as she passed the gate, with neither of us breaking stride at all. It was seamless and maximally efficient. And an apt start to a lovely banquet, which totally reminded me of how right I was to involve myself with all those wacky drama kids in the first place. So yay that.

But the bad news is, just as Mila brought the sunshine with her to Boston (apparently, it started raining in LA when she came here), she's taking it with her when she leaves...the bitch. She heads back on Tuesday, and the rain arrives on Wednesday and Thursday. Doesn't she know we need the sunshine more? Measures must be taken...

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Carl T. Davis III said...

Don't guilt yourself over your school work because of your travels, they probably enrich you at least as much as your academics.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." St. Augustine

Confucius said some shit about this too, but as all his wisdom is anecdotal i cant find it on quote pages.

Big Carl