Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dream log '07, continued

In today's chapter, Ken plays a Blade-like character who is battling some vampires and trying to discover why they have embarked on a systematic campaign of violence against regular humans. Ken discovers that the apparently decidedly prudish vampire community is looking to terrify and appall humans into passing laws to ban references to vampires and the supernatural in literature and media. Even in his dream, viciously attacking hundreds of humans strikes Ken as a somewhat overkill way to go about achieving this goal.


gaaia said...

Did you know, bats and vampires infest old old monuments, and stir in the vicinity of 0300 hrs?
You, in your blade avataar, might be extremely useful there!

AEstes said...

I've been having vampire dreams recently as well! Interesting. . . It all started when I was a child, involving vampire cows.

I also am developing a theory about Justice O'Connor = Vampire.

You bring the garlic, I'll bring the silver katana.