Sunday, April 29, 2007

Comically awkward moment of the semester

So this morning, I go to hit the shower in our hall bathroom. The shower is occupied so I take the time to brush my teeth at the sink. While I'm brushing, I hear the shower turn off, but minutes pass and no one comes out. I can hear sounds of towel-drying, but I finish brushing my teeth and I'm just standing there waiting, thinking to myself, "What could possibly be taking so long to dry off?"

Finally, the shower door opens, and a guy emerges and moves quickly toward the exit. I take a step toward the shower.

Then the second guy emerges from the shower and heads for the exit.

There needs to be a name for this. It's like the towel-dry-of-shame.


Mars said...

Did you envision all the things that could be occurring in that span of time? I'd like to believe that they were just making out...and drying off.

Nivra said...

Ken, at least you didn't walk into the bathroom and see Furlow and his boyfriend in the shower WITH THE DOOR OPEN. They were soaping each other. It was not pretty. My poor eyes aarrrrgh.